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Well abandonment

Future-proof well construction

Well abandonment

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    CAPEX effective P&A & future proof construction
Future-proof wells for CAPEX effective P&A, through incorporation of WAB® (Welltec® Annular Barrier).

A paradigm shift in drilling and well construction

Globally, operators are faced with a large volume of wells, that require plug & abandonment, and they are now realizing that these wells have not been constructed to accommodate risk free, CAPEX effective P&A.  

Couple this to ever stringent local regulations, operators' P&A costs have significantly increased and can range from USD 4 million for a single platform well and up to USD 12 million for a single subsea well.

This realization has driven a paradigm shift in drilling and well construction methodology, to implement best practice for later well abandonment over the duration of the well life, during design, construction, production and ultimately abandonment. Cement alone is not a reliable barrier, and operators and now planning for the installation of multiple barriers and multi component barriers i.e. combine cement with mechanical barriers and resins to construct wells now, planning for the future.

Case highlight

An IOC, had an appraisal well application, in the Norwegian Barents Sea, that required a number of solutions, to allow them to construct and complete...

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Foundation for P&A cement plug

To support this market shift, our WAB range, when incorporated within the cased hole for IS0 14310 V0 barrier or open hole, for IS0 14310 V3 isolation across the cap rock during well construction phase, will provide added future value as the foundation for placement of P&A cement plug, significantly reducing the future complexity and cost associated with P&A.

Case highlight

A NOC required a solution to provide permanent isolation of a depleted reservoir (if encountered) during the drilling phase on a 3 x well, side track and subsequent single...

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WAB® for Well Abandonment


  • Future-proof development wells for P&A
  • Foundation for placement of P&A cement plugs.
  • Cap rock isolation 
  • Total losses isolation
  • Whip-stock placement


  • IS014130 leak rate criteria - V0, V3
  • Verified isolation at installation when coupled with WDM™ (Welltec® Data Monitor)
  • Rugged, all welded, metallic construction
  • High expansion capability
  • Slim RIH OD
  • Full bore - as per casing / tubing
  • Rapid, surface-controlled setting
  • Integrity protection as standard


  • Life of well isolation
  • No slumping of primary or secondary cement during curing
  • Provides confirmed foundation for placement of P&A cement plugs
  • Designed for rotation during deployment enhancing primary cementing
  • Allows for maximum fluid circulation
  • Removes channels or leak paths at set depth

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