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CCS - carbon capture and storage

Geologic sequestration and CO2 well design

Geologic sequestration

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Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) or geologic sequestration refers to the process of utilizing technology to reduce CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere from industrial or energy-related sources (e.g. steel and cement production, or power plant/natural gas processing facility respectively).

Long-term storage of CO2

By injecting captured carbon dioxide into deep subsurface rock formations – such as depleted oil and gas reservoirs, saline formations, or deep un-minable coal beds – long-term storage can be safely achieved. 

Underground injection of CO2 for purposes such as Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and Enhanced Gas Recovery (EGR) are known practices. CO2 injection specifically for geological sequestration involves different technical issues and potentially much larger volumes of CO2, and large-scale projects.

Challenges and differences

While the planning considerations are similar, CCS presents a number of unique challenges when compared to conventional oil and gas injector wells. 

  • Well location - critical to ensure injection within a confined reservoir volume
  • Well integrity - to avoid CO2 leakage and contamination of ground water
  • Well construction material - must be long-term CO2 resistant
  • Integration with existing oil and gas or mining facilitated

Welltec® Magma Packer

A Welltec Magma Packer can be incorporated with existing casing PROGRAM  to help achieve challenging high temperature cement jobs in the construction of a new well. This robust pacer enables the sustainable rejuvenation of existing shut in wells via re-lining and provides open hole isolation for Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) and stimulations.

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CO2 well construction

The design and construction of forthcoming oil and gas wells should accommodate for future potential conversion to CCS.

Integration of Welltec Annular Barrier (WAB®) technology enhances well integrity throughout production years and delivers a pro-active solution to prepare a well for future use as CO2 storage.     

Corrosive resistant packer portfolio

Welltec standard WAB portfolio has a high degree of CO2 resistance.

Our D&E teams are currently developing an even broader range of Welltec Carbo Barriers and Welltec Carbo Flow Valves specifically for CCS projects, where every component will be resistant to high concentrations of CO2. 

Welltec solutions

The WAB range delivers enhanced well integrity, high expansion zonal isolation of undesired inflow/outflow zones in new wells and side-tracking from existing ones.

When combined with a Welltec Flow Valve (WFV™), the solution provides access and flow control in an injection well. 

Welltec packers are tested in compliance with ISO 14310 V0: the highest level of gas tight testing criteria.