Our evolution

In an evolution of our existing appearance, our main branding elements have all been reinvigorated and our website given a complete refresh.

A holistic approach to change

Within the industry we serve, there is an increasing amount of change and a growing responsibility towards sustainability. As a result, the challenges faced by our clients also continue to change and this has given us the opportunity to offer value by developing efficient and lightweight solutions.

At Welltec, we take a holistic approach to these challenges, implementing the same values at all levels of our organization - from the process of manufacturing our solutions through to the measurable benefits they deliver, we’re moving forward with energy!

Our role continues to change

The new visual concept accordingly represents the evolution of Welltec as a company that has gone from a single-service Intervention provider, to delivering a full portfolio of the most unique and advanced Completions and Intervention services available to our clients. With our more recent expansion into supporting geothermal operators, our role continues to change, as we establish ourselves as a leading specialist partner to the energy industry.

A visual identity that symbolizes our activities

It is appropriate to have a visual identity that symbolizes our activities. Our new visual concept is technically structured, engineered, and offers consistency across all platforms to more accurately reflect the hi-tech nature of what we do at Welltec.

Our mission and purpose

Our purpose: To provide innovative energy technology for future generations.


Our mission: The application of engineering and technology to provide safe, effective and quantifiable energy solutions

Our values: visionary, dedicated, pioneering, agile


We look to the future, utilizing our intelligence, imagination and expertise to create new opportunities. 


We are focused on applying and qualifying the power of technology to create better products for our customers and safer working environments for their people.


We are constantly pushing boundaries and challenging conventional thinking to find safer, cleaner and more efficient solutions.


We adapt and respond quickly to our customer needs, working alongside them as partners, always striving for the optimal solution.