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Welltec is a key provider of the technology required to boost subsea recovery

Subsea applications

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    RLWI interventions
    Deep water
With a constantly growing number of subsea installations there is a corresponding requirement for interventions.

A gap in recovery from subsea fields

Examples from certain areas show that there exists a gap of 30-40% in recovery from subsea fields compared to similar platform-based fields. 

The discrepancy to a large degree can be attributed to lack of regular downhole production maintenance - basically lack of interventions. Welltec® is a key provider of the technology required to boost subsea recovery.

Deployment options

Traditionally, semi-submersibles have been used to perform interventions on subsea wells using a riser based system. However, this method can be time consuming, expensive and requiring long lead times for both rig and riser system. 

Almost two decades ago a true breakthrough came with the courage to run e-line through open water to intervene in a subsea well, also referred to as Riserless Light Well Intervention – RLWI.

Riserless Light Well Intervention – RLWI

Capitalizing on existing, more readily available equipment to accomplish interventions, RLWI can be accomplished with purpose-built vessels or a vessel of opportunity. No rig nor riser is required.

By far most interventions can be performed by wireline with applications covering from conventional e-line conveyed logging, perforation etc. to mechanical manipulation, obstruction removal to spotting chemicals or other fluids. 

Riser conveyed intervention is only required for complete workover where tubing is retrieved and/or where the application is to pump major amounts of fluid.

Case highlight

An operator planned to set a lock open sleeve across a failed SSSV on a subsea well. The well had not been re-entered since it began production...

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Boost your subsea recovery


  • Inherently safer
  • Less equipment, fewer people
  • No need for a rig
  • E-line operations
  • Flexible
  • Universal
  • Reliable


  • Fewer lifts, clear roles and responsibilities
  • Reduced footprint, higher sustainability
  • Required vessels are available
  • Fast, efficient
  • Can work in any water depth
  • Global experience and suppliers
  • Proven track record of successes


  • Crown plug pulling
  • Scale and metal milling, sand/debris clean-out
  • Nipple profile milling
  • Fishing, plug milling and retrieval
  • Zone isolation (plug/straddle), fluid treatment placement
  • Mechanical pipe cutting and punching

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