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In November 2017, Welltec A/S completed the issuance of USD 340 million 9.5% Senior Secured Notes.

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Company profile

Welltec® is a global technology company that develops and provides efficient hi-tech solutions for the energy sector.

For more than 25 years, Welltec’s cutting-edge products and services have been helping operators optimize the performance and integrity of oil & gas wells. Since the formation of the company there has been a consistent commitment to designing safer, smarter and more efficient solutions.

The delivery of lightweight yet powerful tools that can be deployed more quickly than conventional apparatus significantly reduces environmental emissions and carbon footprints in a safe and sustainable way.

A robust and reliable partner, Welltec is now directly involved in the Completion process for the installation of geothermal wells, as well as providing advanced packer technology in support of projects that aim to further explore Enhanced Geothermal Systems known as EGS.

Welltec operate globally and have in-house manufacturing facilities in Denmark, Brazil, Russia and Saudi Arabia and design and engineering facilities in Denmark, USA, Brazil and Scotland (Aberdeen).

Welltec is privately owned by its CEO and founder, along with two large and well-established European family offices. Welltec employees own around 5% of the company.

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Treasury Manager

Mads Brixtofte Rasmussen

Welltec A/S

+45 5213 8385

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Bond programme

On November 28, 2017, we announced the completion of our USD 340 million aggregate, 9.50% Senior Secured Note offering (‘The Notes’). Due in 2022, the 144A/RegS offering drew significant demand from institutional investors in both Europe and the US.

Outstanding bonds

Issuer Welltec
Rule 144A
Amount USD 236,138,000
Coupon 9.50%
Issue Date 28-11-2017
Maturity 01-12-2022
Interest Date 01-06 & 01-12
ISIN US950399AB10
Issuer Welltec
Rule Regulation S
Amount USD 103,862,000
Coupon 9.50%
Issue Date 28-11-2017
Maturity 01-12-2022
Interest Date 01-06 & 01-12