Well Intervention Welltec - (3)
Well Intervention Welltec - (3)
Well Tractor
Well Tractor
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Dedicated to well interventions

Introducing our portfolio of innovative well intervention solutions

Innovation in operation

For more than 25 years we’ve led the field in safe, reliable, surface-controlled downhole interventions. 

Fast, efficient, lightweight services

After beginning with pioneering wireline interventions in horizontal wells, we’ve expanded our range of custom-made solutions and turned complex interventions into standard operations. This includes our trailblazing tractor-based conveyance and subsequent robotic downhole innovations.

Our tools are characterized as lightweight yet powerful solutions requiring a fraction of the engine power compared to conventional methods. Fewer people and less equipment at the wellsite results in significantly lower costs, less complexity and a reduced carbon footprint.

Higher levels of reliability and greater precision mean our clients can be confident that our industry-leading services work in both onshore and subsea environments.

Innovative intervention tools

Rather than relying on traditional methods, there is now a growing preference for performing complex well interventions using more innovative downhole, electro-hydraulic robotic tools on electric wireline. Tasks such as downhole milling, clean-out of debris, shifting of downhole valves, or even the cutting and removal of well tubing are now routinely completed using our innovative technology.

Having pioneered robotic tool development for the last 25 years, we’re ideally placed to help our clients in the oil and gas industry perform these tasks faster and safer whilst simultaneously reducing operational costs.
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Greater challenges ahead

There’s no doubt that easy oil is in decline and that operators are having to look further afield, moving into more challenging environments.