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Iceland Geyser
Iceland Geyser
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1920 X 1080 Hero Renewables Min (1)

Renewable resources

Providing geothermal energy from natural heat and protecting the atmosphere from damaging greenhouse gases

Applying oilfield experience to the renewable sector

Geothermal operators can now benefit from more than 25 years of expertise in building innovative technology - combined with the low-impact and lightweight nature of our solutions, we’re facilitating novel developments in the geothermal sector:

  • Geothermal well construction and Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) for high temperature power generation
  • Rigless intervention and urban intervention – for low temperature direct use applications.

A stepping stone for more sustainable energy

In 2010 Welltec® expanded into the Completion side of the industry and designed a metal expandable packer – the Welltec Annular Barrier (WAB®).

The main advantages of the WAB are a reduction in the use of cement for well construction, and minimization of Sustained Casing Pressure (SCP). 

The environmental nature of the benefits delivered by Welltec’s innovative solutions, provides a natural steppingstone for promoting safer and more sustainable types of energy for generations to come.

As a result of ongoing development and rugged all-welded construction, WAB technology is being applied in geothermal well construction and revival operations.   

Building on our deployment track record

We have already started building on our deployment track record by helping geothermal operators overcome a range of challenges.

In one such case (Asia-Pacific), we combined metal expandable packers (WAB) with cementing to help our client achieve isolation and revive a geothermal well, despite highly challenging conditions. The achievements from this operation are providing the foundation for a co-authored academic paper – an abstract has already been submitted.

Innovative intervention tools and completion products for renewable energy

Welltec's e-line tools are so compact, lightweight and environmentally friendly, they can be deployed within a densely populated urban area.
For well construction under acidic corrosion, extreme pressures and temperatures up to 300°C – see our new WAB® Solutions Portfolio with all-metal, high-temperature packers.

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