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Tieback liner

Restore or enhance well integrity

Tieback liner

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    Tieback liner
A tieback liner is a section of liner that is run from the top of the liner back to the wellhead after the initial liner and hanger system have been installed and cemented.

Tieback liner applications are:

  • to repair damaged or worn casing above the existing liner
  • to ensure casing integrity upon completion of drilling operations - Installing a tieback casing liner at completion of drilling operations provides a casing within the well that has not been exposed to rigorous of drilling operations
  • to provide added casing protection against corrosion or pressure anomalies

Utilizing the WEA for Tieback Liner provides a robust and reliable solution for tieback liner applications compared to traditional solutions. It enhances well integrity, reinforces the existing casing string, and ensures the stability and integrity of the wellbore, ultimately optimizing well performance.

Case highlight

An onshore well in Trinidad & Tobago had to be shut in due to a corroded 6-5/8” production casing at 355 ft, and as a consequence, Heritage Petroleum Company lost production from the asset...

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Welltec® Expandable Anchor (WEA) for Tieback Liner

The design of the WEA for Tieback Liner minimizes subcomponents, ensuring reliability and efficiency while simplifying well construction. The WEA enables reciprocation, circulation, and/or rotation during deployment.


The Welltec Expandable Anchor (WEA) for Tieback Liner can be run as a standalone, or in combination with our proven metal expandable packer technology.

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