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Well Key®

For valve manipulation


The Well Key brings a high degree of flexibility and reliability to the well completion design as it is designed to shift multiple sliding sleeves in a single run. Running into the hole in a slick configuration, it is opened at depth and automatically engages with the hardware for which it was set-up for. Once engaged, the Well Stroker® provides the force to shift the hardware in the required direction and position.

  • Challenge
    Downhole hardware
    Water shut-off
  • Applications
    Opening / closing shifting profiles
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Case highlight

Downhole hardware

A well was causing problems for an operator in Indonesia. The operator needed to shift two 4.562″ sliding sleeves in the 5-1/2” lower completion. To do so, the toolstring needed to...

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The Well Key brings a high degree of efficiency to completions as it is designed to shift multiple sliding sleeves and open / close valves in a single run. With pinpoint accuracy, the Well Key provides the flexibility to open any type of downhole completion valve. And its active hydraulic control and high expansion ratio ensures full integrity of downhole jewelry and reduced risk since the Well Key is only opened when the tool reaches target depth.
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  • Opening / closing valves
  • Opening / closing sliding sleeves


  • Allows transfer of high, controllable force
  • Passive fail-safe system
  • Rugged design allows for multiple repeated actuations
  • Bi-directional in same run
  • High expansion ratio
  • Ability to control position via surface read-out
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Universal


  • Force applied directly to target
  • Fewer runs
  • No jarring required
  • Large range of ID’s accessible
  • Accurate depth control
  • Reduced risk of damage to well hardware

Specification range*

Tool OD 2 1/8” 3 2/5”
Length 11 ft 12 ft
Weight in air 80 lbs 160 lbs
Completion ID 2.4” 6.67”
Tensile strength 30,000 lbs 42,000 lbs
Compressive strength 30,000 lbs 50,000 lbs
Max. well pressure 25,000 psi
Max. well temperature 302°F
* Dependent upon configuration