Well Stroker
Well Stroker

Well Stroker®

For actuation


The Well Stroker can push or pull multiple times in the same run irrespective of the depth and deviation. It delivers up to 100,000 lbs of axial force downhole using a bi-directional hydraulic ram.

Interventions can even be performed when the well is still under pressure, which precludes having to ‘kill’ the well.

The Well Stroker provides the flexibility to be incorporated in a wide range of completion designs for cost-effective workovers and other applications where downhole force is required.

Well Stroker 360

Case highlight

An offshore client contacted Welltec® about closing well intervals to mitigate a water cut issue. The client was experiencing nearly 70% water cut in a 15,748 ft...

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The Well Stroker resides at the core of Welltec’s mechanical solution portfolio. This tool provides the actuating force required for most mechanical intervention jobs.

It can push or pull multiple times in the same run irrespective of depth or deviation, applying up to 100,000 lbs of axial force downhole through the use of a bi-directional, hydraulic ram which can be equipped with the required fitting to meet the application.

Well Stroker hori


  • Opening / closing valves
  • Opening / closing sliding sleeves
  • Retrieving / setting gas lift valves
  • Fishing operations
  • Setting / pulling plugs
  • Setting straddle packer assemblies


  • High, controllable force
  • Passive fail-safe system
  • Multiple repeated strokes
  • Bi-directional in same run
  • Modular
  • Surface readout
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Universal through wiring
  • NACE compliant


  • Force applied directly to target
  • Fewer runs
  • No jarring required
  • Large range of ID’s accessible
  • Accurate depth control
  • Reduced risk of damage to well hardware
  • Operates on any e-line via DC

Specification range*

Tool OD 2 1/8” 3 1/2”
Length 15.3 ft 26 ft
Weight in air 180 lbs 542 lbs
Completion ID 2.19” 8.59”
Max. well pressure 20,000 psi 25,000 psi
Max. well temperature 302°F 338°F
Push / pull force 12,000 lbs 100,000 lbs
Max. stroke length (repeatable) 8” 14”
Tensile strength 36,000 lbs 42,000 lbs
Compressive strength 30,000 lbs 50,000 lbs
* Dependent upon configuration