Bespoke anchoring system through high delta ID

Downhole hardware
JRU19262 Bespoke anchoring system through high delta ID - Well Intervention - Welltec
  • Well type Producer
  • BHP 149 Bar @ 6,800m / 22,310 ft
  • BHT 78°C / 172°F @ 22,310 ft
  • Max. deviation 90°


A Russian operator wanted to increase well production by opening six inflow control devices (ICDs) in an extended reach well (ERD). Despite having previous experience with various service providers, the client had contacted Welltec as they had more confidence in performing the operation with the Well Stroker®.

The standard 6 5/8” casing was restricted to 3.65” towards the top of the completions section, making it difficult for conventional tools to access the sleeves. In order to overcome this challenge, Welltec designed a completely new high-reach anchor section with an unmatched expansion ratio.

This unique solution took less than 12 months from design to delivery of the newly configured tool.


A Systems Integration Test (SIT) confirmed that the toolstring – equipped with the all new high-reach anchor section – would be able to pass through the restriction and apply full force by means of the Well Stroker. The sleeve was shifted in one attempt, with the Well Key® being able to engage the sleeve shifting profiles from above and below.

The operation was carried out using the Well Tractor® combined with the Well Stroker High-Reach Anchor, Well Key and a X-Y Caliper that was utilized after each shifting attempt to confirm the success of each shift via a short logging pass.

The convenient solution was significantly less expensive and much more time efficient than Drill Pipe or Coiled Tubing alternatives.


Welltec crew managed to open six sliding sleeves in one run. As a result, well production increased – allowing the client to work more efficiently.

Thanks to good planning, risk analysis and rapid response to a non-standard task, a unique and effective solution was provided.