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Geodistrictheating - 01 00000

Low temperature 

Geothermal heat for direct use

Low temperature - direct use

  • Applications
    District heating
    Spas and wellness centers
    Agriculture - greenhouses
    Industrial processes
    Snow melting on roads
Direct use low temperature geothermal energy is used to supply heating and warm water for homes, office buildings and industrial processes, public facilities, farms and spas.

Below 160°C

Welltec products and solutions verified by over 25 years of experience in oil & gas industry can be applied both to construction of low-temperature geothermal wells and optimizing production.

Low-temperature geothermal energy uses the heat of the Earth's subsurface or hot groundwater, below 160°C for direct heating by means of heat pumps and ground source collectors, consisting of underground pipelines or vertical boreholes.

Direct use

Low-temperature geothermal systems are cost effective and carbon-free, they offer a range of low-intensity applications, including district heating, use in spas, heating and cooling systems, aquaculture and agriculture as well as de-icing of roads. 

Geothermal resources have been identified in over 90 countries and there are records of geothermal utilization in over 72 of them.

With new technologies and systems, there is an ever-increasing number of regions that are developing geothermal capabilities for heating and cooling. 

Welltec® Light Packer

The Welltec Light Packer (WLP™) is developed specifically for less hazardous environments, making it a perfect solution for constructing low-temperature geothermal wells. 

The WLP is a high grade, robust alternative to swellable technology for zonal isolation and cement assurance.

The WLP provides many of the same benefits as of our flagship WAB® (Welltec Annular Barrier), but incorporates design and construction efficiencies that facilitate cost-effective performance across a range of operating conditions.

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Scale buildup

The closed loop nature of a geothermal system results in water becoming laden with minerals such as silica and carbonates originating from the formation. This creates massive scale buildup in the pipes, thus reducing productivity.

By applying tools like the Well Miller®, Welltec can demonstrate a long and successful track record of more

than 18 years in removing scale build-up from oil and gas wells. The same methods and tools can be applied to geothermal wells. 

Well Miller® RCB (Reverse Circulating Bit)

Case highlight

A water injector was experiencing issues with carbonate scale build-ups that led to decreased injectivity. KHA1-51 was completed in 2011, as one of the deepest...

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Urban intervention

Welltec Interventions can be performed in many ways and in versatile environments, even in populated areas. In such cases the optimal approach is with a truck-mounted winch assembly and utilization of a crane on site. Thereby limiting overall footprint and disruption to nearby properties. Typical well site only requires 1000 sqm working area.

One of our key values is to provide solutions that minimize negative impacts on the environment and help reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

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Reduce GHG emissions in Interventions

Case highlight

Just like any other, a geothermal well can require logging to determine the volume and condition of the wellbore. Welltec’s client based in the Netherlands wanted...

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Welltec solutions

Our modular clean-out tools have proven to be beneficial in maintaining and restoring production in a broad range of environments. To keep production optimized, periodic interventions with our clean-out solutions can remove the unwanted by-products associated with steam production, including scale, mud, sand, etc.

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