Well Stroker® 100K and SRO 2.0 help to remove stuck isolation sleeve

JUSAK173745 Well Stroker® 100k and SRO 2.0 help to remove stuck isolation sleeve
  • Well type Oil producer
  • Pressure Below 1,600 psi (830 bar)
  • Temperature 72°F


An operator in Alaska encountered an isolation sleeve stuck across the entry to a lateral and needed it removed. First, the operator attempted to remove the sleeve with Coiled Tubing (CT) as this was already mobilized to the well site for cleaning. CT applied up to 20,000 lbs downward jarring force and 50,000 lbs upward jarring force but could not remove the stuck sleeve.

The client had previously used Welltec’s 100K Well Stroker to fish packers, so they were aware of the tool’s capabilities. Welltec® mobilized the 100K Well Stroker equipped with its latest surface read-out capabilities (SRO 2.0) to first dislodge the sleeve and then recover it to surface.


The operation was performed in just two runs: the first to free the sleeve, and the second to fish it. During the first run, the Well Tractor® was used to lightly tag the sleeve in low-speed mode and confirm location.

After this was done, the Well Stroker was anchored and engaged. A unique and custom made, robust blind box was fitted to the Well Stroker to push the isolation sleeve and minimize any potential damage to the tool. The Well Stroker started with an initial downward stroke of 25,000 lbs and progressed in increments of 10,000 lbs until the sleeve was freed with a downward stroke of just over 55,000 lbs.

Downward strokes were then used to push the sleeve downhole. Finally, the Well Tractor was run in low-speed mode to push the sleeve past the nipple but not yet into the lateral. The tool string was then pulled out of hole.

During the second run, a 4.5” GS pulling tool was added to the tool string to fish the sleeve from its location. Upon reaching a depth of 4,112 ft, the Well Tractor was engaged; it tagged the sleeve at 4,289 ft. With four upward strokes, the Well Stroker pulled the freed isolation sleeve through the nipple. Once the Well Stroker successfully pulled the sleeve through the nipple, wireline pulled the sleeve and the tool string out of the hole.


The Well Stroker 100K successfully fished the stuck isolation sleeve. The ability to accurately control the downhole force applied was an important component of this operation as the Well Stroker worked to free the stuck sleeve. Additionally, Welltec’s tools enabled technicians to determine exactly where the sleeve began to move and how much it moved. Afterwards, when the well was brought back online, the production had also increased by 600 BOPD.

Welltec effectively intervened where CT failed to remove the stuck isolation sleeve. CT has also cost the client a couple of days in rig time and equipment rentals whilst unsuccessfully attempting to free the sleeve and in the end, was unable to generate the downward force needed to free the sleeve.

Welltec’s Well Stroker 100K was the client’s final option before calling a rig, which would have taken about seven days. The success of the operation prevented further lost time and costs.