Welltec Setting Tool 1920X1080 (3)
Welltec Setting Tool 1920X1080 (3)

Welltec® Setting Tool

For safe plug or packer setting


Designed to set plugs downhole on e-line by providing up to 55,000 lbs of force without the use of explosives.

The Welltec Setting Tool offers a controlled expansion allowing the elements of the plug to adjust during the process. As no explosives are needed, the tool offers both a safe and time-efficient approach to plug setting. An added benefit is surface read-out to provide real-time unique knowledge of the job.



The Welltec Setting Tool enables efficient, safe plug or packer setting without the use of explosives.

Utilizing a fast, stroker based technique rather explosives or hydrostatic well pressure, the Welltec Setting Tool can set and retrieve a plug multiple times during one run, resulting in significant rig time savings. It can be run independently or combined with the Well Tractor® in highly deviated or horizontal wells.

Welltec Setting Tool Hori


  • Plug setting
  • Packer setting
  • Well testing


  • Controlled force
  • Bi-directional
  • Integrated fail safe mechanism
  • Surface read out and log
  • Well tractor compatible
  • E-line conveyed
  • Capable of multiple settings in one run
  • Force and piston distance read out


  • Explosion free plug/packer setting and retrieval
  • Increased safety
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Multiple setting operation in same run
  • No limitations due to depth
  • Accurate depth control
  • Surface read out capabilities
  • Not affected by temporary power loss
  • Plug setting documentation

Specification range*

Tool OD 3 7/8”
Length 15.1 ft
Weight in air 250 lbs
Min. completion ID 4.00”
Max. well pressure 25,000 psi
Max. well temperature 338°F
Tensile strength 42,000 lbs
Compressive strength 42,000 lbs
Force delivered 55,000 lbs
Max. stroke length 14”
Running tool/plug connection 2.00”
Setting sleeve connection 3.5” Baker #10 and #20 or equivalent
* Dependent upon configuration