Bold Welltec Wellgrab 1920X1080 Noshadow
Bold Welltec Wellgrab 1920X1080 Noshadow

Welltec® Wellgrab


Welltec® Wellgrab is an electric release fishing tool.

By allowing reliable disconnect of fishing strings or relocating the fish in the well, the electric release fishing tool is designed to improve and simplify fishing operations.
The required grapple type, either external or internal, can be easily assembled on the tool by only changing a few parts. Electrical disconnect can be activated at any time when required.


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Fishing operations often require the application of great force to retrieve hardware or tools lost and stuck downhole...

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Ability to latch, release and then re-engage, without the need to trip out of hole to reset the tool.
Keys or slips on the tool can be retracted to aid in engaging on or in to a catch profile.

Full tool string recovery by remote activation of the fail-safe timer release device, in the event of loss of communication to the Welltec© Wellgrab.
Ability to work BHA’s hard to catch in or onto a profile, without the risk of prematurely releasing the tool.

Well Grab Hori


  • Retrieving plugs
  • Fishing operations
  • Relocating downhole assemblies


  • Interchangeable stand-off rings and bell guides
  • Simple change-out grapples
  • 5 ton capacity on release power
  • Electrical release command
  • Adjustable reach
  • Bi-directional motor for grapple manipulation
  • Fail-safe timer release device


  • Prevents premature release of the fishing tool during fishing or retrieving
  • 50% higher safe working loads than for standard pulling tools
  • Digital, real-time communication with fishing tool
  • Operates on any e-line via DC

Specification range*

Length 6.06 ft→ 7.2 ft
Tool OD 2.125" → 3.622"
Weight in air 45 lbs → 154 lbs
Completion ID 2.275" - 3.75" 30"
Safe working load 66 klbs → 120 klbs
Grapple range – Fishing object size range 0.875" 5.630*
Max pressure rating 10.000 → 20.000 psi
Temperature range 302F 350F
* Dependent upon configuration and can be custom designed to different sizes