Welltec wins IP infringement case and protects its technologies

1712 X 963 Welltec Wins IP Infringement Case


Tommy Eikeland
Chief Commercial Officer

Welltec wins IP infringement case and protects its technologies

The Norwegian Supreme Court has unanimously ruled in favor of Welltec to protect its intellectual property rights, rejecting an appeal made by Baker Hughes (formerly Altus Intervention), and bringing a long-standing dispute to a conclusion that prohibits the manufacturing, utilization, and/or marketing of the infringing technology.    

Case overview
The ruling upholds a prior decision made by the Borgarting Court of Appeal in Norway (December 2023), concerning the infringement of Welltec’s patented well intervention technology.  This technology, which was developed to revolutionize efficiency within downhole milling operations, significantly enhances the process of clearing well obstructions.  It represents a major step forward from older, more resource-intensive methods, setting new industry standards for efficiency and environmental responsibility.

"It is crucial, regardless of the industry, that patent rights are respected in all markets.  Development and innovation cost enormous sums, and it is clear that when a patent exists, it is because development and innovation have been recognized", says Tommy Eikeland, CCO of Welltec.  

Legal and financial implications
The Supreme Court's ruling not only reaffirmed the validity of Welltec's patent but also concluded the financial aspects of the case, compensating Welltec for legal costs incurred during the dispute, and for other damages. 

Last autumn, the Borgarting Court of Appeal had already stated that jobs awarded to Baker Hughes most likely would have been awarded to Welltec had Baker Hughes not offered its infringing technology, and concluded the financial aspects of this case with compensation to Welltec of 12 M (NOK).  This latest decision from the Norwegian Supreme Court highlights that Welltec's efforts and resources used in defending its intellectual property were justified.

Looking forward
"Primarily, we are satisfied that we have won this case and that the decision is now finally legally binding", comments Eikeland.

"For us, this is an important patent on a technology that is in demand.  We put a lot of effort into developing new and efficient solutions for our clients and expect our patents to be respected", concludes Eikeland.    

Welltec remains committed to leading the industry through innovation and will continue to protect its intellectual property.

About Welltec

Welltec® is a global technology company that develops and provides efficient, hi-tech solutions for the energy industry.

The company was founded in 1994 and grew rapidly by supplying innovative robotic technology to oil and gas operators. In 2010, Welltec introduced a new business segment focused on the development of Completion products. Commercialization of these products began in 2014, and the company is now a global leader in the field of metal expandable packer technology. Welltec’s cutting-edge products and services are designed to optimize the performance and integrity of a well, in any environment. As a well-established and trusted partner to energy industry stakeholders across the globe, Welltec is successfully aiding clients within New Energy and Climate Technology, with a focused approach to help develop geothermal energy, and carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects.

Through advanced engineering and lightweight design, Welltec’s solutions have helped clients increase operational efficiency and reduce carbon footprints in a safe and sustainable way for 30 years.