Isealate Springblade Patch excels during in-field testing

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Isealate Springblade Patch excels during in-field testing

Allerød, Denmark (November 1, 2023) — Welltec®, a leading innovator of cutting-edge technologies for energy industry applications, is pleased to announce the success of the first in-field test of the Isealate Springblade Patch, a unique relining and repair solution for downhole applications. 

In-field application
Since May 2022, the Isealate Springblade Patch has undergone rigorous testing, culminating in the first in-field deployment taking place in the European region, this October. 

The solution was deployed in a 3½" production tubing to address a suspected corrosion-related leak below the Tubing-Retrievable Sub-Surface Safety Valve (TRSSSV), making production possible just 48 hours later, reducing the inner diameter of the tubing by only 5 mm. 

“For a small technology company like Isealate, it is key to have funding and technical support both from the end user and a major service provider.  After securing these aspects, we’re now seeing the first results from the field trial and things are incredibly positive”, says Bengt Gunnarsson, Solution Advisor at Isealate. 

“The Isealate Springblade Patch is a unique product, and together with the team at Welltec, we’re proud to have achieved a satisfaction score of 100% on this field trial”, adds Gunnarsson. 

What is the Isealate Springblade Patch?
The Isealate Springblade Patch is a patch-thru-patch relining and repair solution designed to redefine asset protection, and safety, via rapid remediation.  Its ultra-slim pre-rolled laminate steel sheet results in no more than a 4 to 10 mm effect on the inner diameter at the point of repair depending on burst/collapse ratings. 

“The Isealate patch technology provides an easy and cost-efficient solution to repair leaks and local corrosion, and is ideal for other applications such as water shut-off, with minimal effect on flow rate while maintaining the ability for further intervention without having to pull the patch”, says Christian Krüger, VP of Global Business Development at Welltec. 

“This service represents an expansion and overall strengthening of our portfolio, complementing our existing mechanical intervention solutions to deliver production maintenance in a safe, efficient, and sustainable manner," concludes Krüger.  

Efficiency and optimization
Integrating the Isealate Springblade Patch into the Welltec Intervention Services portfolio represents the second recent acquisition of niche technologies that enhance in-field services, following the incorporation of Autentik’s Wellgrab™ ERFT in 2022 – an advanced downhole fishing solution. 


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