E-line technology improves efficiency in new shale oil Well Completions

Downhole access
JCA171056 E-line technology improves efficiency in new shale oil - Well Intervention - Welltec


An operator’s efficiency is critical in any market conditions, but during periods of low commodity pricing, it’s even more so.

In several new, shale wells drilled in Northeast British Columbia, a heavy coiled tubing unit with a large crew was being used for routine operations; running a bit and scraper BHA to the bottom of the well to ensure a clear wellbore then running again with perforating guns to perform the toe perf.

Later, subsequent e-line runs would be carried out in collaboration with the frac unit to pump the perforating guns and plugs into position to accomplish simultaneous well fracing operations.


For the primary clean-out run, Welltec® proposed running the Well Tractor® and the Well Cleaner® RCB (Reverse Circulating Bit). The Well Tractor provides the conveyance in these horizontal wells, the weight-on-bit and anti-rotation.

The Well Cleaner RCB combines a rotating bit with suction to crush any debris, cement stringers and then capture them in integral bailer components.

On the second run the Well Tractor is utilized again to convey the perforating guns for the toe-perf application, enabling further pump down operations.


Since the first deployments for the same operator, more than 60 wells have been prepared in this fashion, generating efficiencies in a number of ways; first, by speeding up the entire operation through the use of this e-line technology.

But also, by enabling the operator to utilize their coiled tubing and workover rigs for other operations simultaneously. While some wells are being cleaned-out and perforated, other wells are being completed enabling a reduced time to first production.