Removing heavy mud from fishing neck

Downhole access
JMX143218 E-Line production tubing and SSSV clean out - Well Intervention - Welltec
  • Well type Shut-In Oil Producer
  • Plug depth 5,991 ft (1,826 m)
  • Wellhead pressure 0 psi
  • Well fluid Mud 1.55SG
  • Pressure 3,200 psi @ depth
  • Temperature 113°F (45°C) @ depth


When an operation was hindered by heavy mud the operator contracted Welltec® to perform a clean-out. During a plug pulling operation in the Caspian Sea, offshore Azerbaijan, a thick layer of ~ 18 lbs per gallon heavy mud had settled on top of the fishing neck. Attempts with slickline bailing and a 3rd party’s tractor and stroking tool had proven unsuccessful.

The operator now needed a reliable solution in order to avoid further downtime. A proven, efficient solution was available in the form of the Well Cleaner® Power Suction Tool, High Volume (PST HV). This e-line operated tool combines powerful suction with bailer sections, which was the ideal solution for capturing and removing the debris and dense sediment from the wellbore.


The toolstring encompassed the Well Cleaner PST HV and three bailer sections to capture and recover the debris(sludge) to surface. The Well Cleaner PST HV was run in hole and tagged the obstruction at 5,988 ft. (1,825 m), then pulled back to 5,971 ft. (1,820 m) where it started the clean-out operation.

Slowly moving forward the Well Cleaner PST HV cleaned down to and around the fishing neck. At surface it was verified that the bailers had recovered ~ 55 lbs of heavy mud from the well. The fishing neck was now accessible for the plug pulling operation to continue.


The operator was fully satisfied with the performance of the Well Cleaner and their objective was met successfully.

Using Welltec’s e-line, clean-out solution prevented the need to bring in a coiled tubing unit, which saved at least five days.

James Stewart, BP Completion Supervisor

Great job. Tool performed as advertised.