Well Tractor® sets new world records for horizontal logging

JUAE16923 Well Tractor® sets records for horizontal logging


A client in the Middle East has a number of horizontal wells with extreme lateral lengths >20,000 ft, which require production logs.

Several attempts to acquire PLT’s previously were unsuccessful as the service provider was unable to reach sufficient depth in the wells.

Welltec® was approached to try a 3rd well with their e-line channel partner, Halliburton TD was >27,500 and the lateral length itself was >19,500 ft.


Extensive pre-job planning was carried out with the channel, e-line partner. Well would be flowing ~ 4,500 BHP with ~ 2,500 psi surface pressure.

High friction coefficient expected and possible challenges with pulling the long (136’) toolstring should it become stuck. The Well Tractor® was configured with ‘reverse tractoring’ capability as a contingency option for the operator.


Safe and successful operation acquiring PLT data in an extreme extended reach horizontal well.

Logging While Tractoring (LWT) to obtain the data was accomplished from hold-up depth all the way to TD ~ 27,500 ft. PLT data was acquired in both up and down passes from TD providing the operator previously unobtainable knowledge about their reservoir and the well’s production profile.


LWT and high quality PLT data acquired in two passes was sufficient, precluding the need to make extra runs, saving time and reducing cost.

Longest, single pass distance tractored ~ 22,951 ft (6,996m).
Longest, single pass distance tractored in a horizontal section ~ 19,500 ft (5,943m).
Longest, single pass distance tractored while acquiring real time logging (PLT) data (LWT operation).