New technology combines logging and mechanical solutions for rig time savings

CON.OFF.AF.124V1 Prompt pipe recovery - Well Intervention - Welltec
  • Environment Offshore
  • Well type Oil producer
  • Innovation Wireless platform 218
  • Third party tool Multi-fingered caliper


Based on previous operations, an operator anticipated scale build-up on a producing, horizontal, offshore well and planned to run a Multi-Fingered Caliper (MFC) to confirm the internal diameters over its length. This would allow the determination of the optimum depth for plug setting and tubing cutting.

Welltec®, selected as the tractor supplier, proposed an effective solution whereby the MFC and plug setting could be combined in a single run for increased efficiency.

Results and value creation

A new innovation in downhole, wireless tool communication from Welltec enabled the plug and setting tool to be run below the MFC tool without the requirement for thru-wiring.

The tool assembly was conveyed to depth by the Well Tractor® and then the caliper was logged in real time to determine the optimal plug setting depth. The tool was conveyed back down to the required depth where a command was issued using the Welltec Downhole Wireless Bridge to a non-explosive, electrically activated bridge plug. The setting sequence was initiated and completed successfully.

After the plug was set, further real-time caliper logging was acquired providing tubing status and access confirmation for subsequent e-line runs.


This tool combination using the Well Tractor and the new Welltec Downhole Wireless Bridge eliminated one complete run, saving approximately 20 hours of rig time and costs.

The increased efficiency of this service, including Well Tractor speeds of nearly 100 feet per minute, provided a reduction in the risk of setting the plug in a scaled area and yielded critical data for optimizing the tubing cutting depth on the next run.