WRD helps client reduce exposure and mitigate LIH risks

JNO161571 Welltec Release Device helps client reduce exposure and mitigate LIH risks
  • Well type Oil producer
  • Max. temperature 86°C
  • Fishing depth 3,186 m MD
  • Max. deviation 63.5°
  • Max tool space 22 m
  • Max. flow 700 scm/d


Welltec was selected as the preferred supplier to convey a third party PLT logging string on a LWI operation. Due to limited rig up height, a Welltec Release Device (WRD) was positioned in the middle of the BHA to enable fishing the toolstring in the event it became stuck.

A second WRD was placed at the top of the toolstring below the cable head. The planned job was run using a 7/16 cable combined with a 9-3 rope socket providing a high pull force and allowed the full use of the cable SWL.


During the operation, the toolstring became stuck in hole. The maximum available pull force was used together with different tractor manipulations but to no avail.

The client was concerned that the entire string might be left in hole but since the 318 WRD was placed between the Welltec tools and third party BHA the client decided to release it first in an attempt to minimize the fish downhole.

After successfully releasing the mid section of the string, it was confirmed that the third party string was still stuck but the Welltec Tractor was recovered helping to minimize number assets left in hole


Through effective contingency planning and by including an additional fail safe in the toolstring, it was possible to immediately recover half of the BHA.

Given the limited rig up height, being able to split the BHA into two shorter sections also enabled the subsequent fishing operations to move forward.

This allowed for the LWI operation able to continue as planned, without the need to return and fish the tools with a much more expensive rig option.

Immediate recovery of the upper part of the toolstring reduced the client exposure to LIH costs.