Tandem tractoring through Y-tool

Tandem tractoring through Y Tool - Well Intervention - Welltec
  • Well type Producer
  • Max. depth 10,940 ft (3,335m)
  • Max. temperature 189°F (87°C)
  • Max. pressure 85 bar
  • Max. deviation 92.18° @ 8,536 ft (2,602m)


A UK client in the North Sea required production logging data deep below an ESP well pump, which meant tractoring through a tricky, downhole Y-tool. Based on Welltec’s excellent performance on an adjacent well, the Well Tractor® went from contingency to the preferred conveyance solution.

Another service provider had already performed a SIT test for this operation three months earlier, but our track record and previous well’s flawless execution convinced the client that the Well Tractor was the tool of choice.


Responding quickly to the client’s needs, Welltec® mobilized further Well Tractors and ancillary equipment to support those from the first well.

The operation was performed over two runs due to repeated indications of a plug restricting the e-line cable on the first run. On the second run, the Well Tractors were started at 2,720 ft (829m).

Once the lower Well Tractor tagged the Y-tool, the second Well Tractor was engaged and successfully passed the Y-tool at a depth of 3,485 ft (1,062m). Logging was then performed successfully from 7,404 ft to 10,940 ft (2,257 – 3,335m).


The tandem Well Tractors covered a combined total distance of 23,837 ft (7,266m) in this well with a deviation up to 92.18°. Zero lost time was recorded.