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Maximize productivity & payback: our new generation WAB® solutions portfolio

In this challenging oil price environment, it’s all about improving the value of your assets. Our new generation WAB for Zonal Isolation gives you extended reach and cement-less horizontal reservoir sections. Now, you can maximize cash flow, hydrocarbon drainage, and minimize water production—all while maximizing safety, recovery, and long-term capability. Backed by 25 years of innovation, our comprehensive WAB® Solutions Portfolio of tools and services enhances production through the life of well—all from a single provider. From early planning, design, and construction to zonal isolation and completion, Welltec is your one-stop-shop.

Maximize cash flow & recoverables

  • Reduces manufacturing lead times to 12 weeks
  • Maximizes hydrocarbon recovery, increasing production
  • Delivers faster payback with optimized hydrocarbon recovery
  • Reduces rig time, accelerating 1st production with efficient zonal isolation
  • Enhances zonal isolation via cement removal, high sealing and anchoring capability

Optimize productivity & reliability

  • Engaging and understanding to deliver the right solutions
  • Offering best advice and support, guided by our expertise
  • Modeling to quantify design for optimum well performance
  • Providing the right experts for faster, more efficient response
  • Optimizing well designs for long-term reservoir management

Get well informed: calculate your project value

Our team of industry experts uses stochastic Monte Carlo analysis to assess the value gain from using Welltec completion design. With Welltec, you can improve your investment decisions with lower CAPEX spend, faster and more predictable deployments, increasing recovery and economical returns.

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Well manufactured - people drive our passion to pioneer

From a handful of staff in 1995, our diverse Development & Engineering and Manufacturing workforce of more than 200 now operate in 2 dedicated product centers, delivering cutting-edge design, CNC robotics, and in-house manufacturing. But it’s the innovative, entrepreneurial mindset of our people that drives our passion for thinking and working differently.

  • Top experts in research, D&E, manufacturing and operations
  • Quality control to microscopic tolerances, 75% swarf time
  • Innovative in-house manufacturing and automation, 24/7/365
  • Strong local presence worldwide with highly skilled teams
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