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Nature makes it unpredictable - our expertise makes it reliable

Nature brings uncertainty

Nature brings uncertainty, impacting the predictability of well outcome on hydrocarbon recovery, and economic returns. With our expertise, you can reduce economic risk, secure safer wells and ensure more predicable returns. Backed by 25 years of innovation, Welltec’s comprehensive WAB® Solutions Portfolio of tools and services enhances well construction through its entire lifecycle—reducing CAPEX and negating SCP, and increasing NPV—all from a single provider. From early planning and construction to zonal isolation and completion, Welltec is your one-stop-shop.

Reduce CAPEX and completion time

  • Future-proof wells, reducing CAPEX for effective P&A
  • Fastest manufacturing lead times—12 weeks
  • Shorter completion time with reduced complexity
  • Reduced cement is safer, quicker, and cost-effective

Ensure longer well lifetime & integrity

  • Safety and control secured with solid liner capability
  • Steel-expandable WAB is ISO 14310 rated
  • Cement assurance or replacement improves integrity
  • Predictability modeling prolongs well and reduces risk
  • Comprehensive solutions, expertise, and success record

WAB® providing an SCP barrier and a horizontal liner hanger

Discover how an IOC with an appraisal well application required a number of solutions, allowing them to complete the well to their high standards in the Norwegian Barents Sea…

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Dual 1214WAB® deliver ritical cement assurance in sidetrack

On a previous well drilled, due to weak cement as a result of formation issues, scaling water flowed from shallow of the 9 5/8" shoe...

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Well manufactured - people drive our passion to pioneer

From a handful of staff in 1995, our diverse Development & Engineering and Manufacturing workforce of more than 200 now operate in 2 dedicated product centers, delivering cutting-edge design, CNC robotics, and in-house manufacturing. But it’s the innovative, entrepreneurial mindset of our people that drives our passion for thinking and working differently.

  • Top experts in research, D&E, manufacturing and operations
  • Quality control to microscopic tolerances, 75% swarf time
  • Innovative in-house manufacturing and automation, 24/7/365
  • Strong local presence worldwide with highly skilled teams