Increasing production offshore

Ограничение водопритока
MEC.OFF.IN.10.02.V1 Increasing production offshore - Well Intervention - Welltec
  • Traveled distance 1 100 m (1 200 m - 2 247 m)
  • Deviation 88°


An Indian offshore gas well drilled in 2003, was showing signs of increased water production. The job was to isolate the water producing zone with a plug run on a wireline Well Tractor® and to open a sliding side door valve using a Well Tractor, Well Stroker® and Well Key®.


Three runs were required:
1. Due to previous experience, there was concern that sand had entered the well. A drift run with the Well Cleaner® established that this was not the case.

2. Setting a NPR plug at 85° run on the Well Tractor and isolating the lower water producing zone.

3. Opening the 3,688” sliding side door by means of the Well Tractor, Well Stroker and Well Key.

The operation was a rigless intervention carried out from a platform. All three runs were performed in 25 hours and 45 minutes in total.


Production increased from 4 mmcft to 18- 20 MMcft. Cost was reduced to ¼ compared to coiled tubing.

Fail-Safe features
A key feature of Welltec’s equipment is the fail-safe function that prevents it from getting stuck in the wellbore. When the Well Tractor is powered down, the arms and wheels retract automatically, providing a flush outside diameter surface. The Well Stroker features the same passive fail-safe design as the Well Tractor; the anchors will collapse automatically when it is powered down or disconnected. As for the Well Key, the keys retract into the tool body when all valves have been shifted, allowing the tool string to be pulled out of the hole.

Clean technology
Using the Well Tractor significantly reduces environmental risks. Due to the light design, the Well Tractor reduces fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions associated with transporting heavy equipment into environmentally sensitive areas.