Seven cuts in a single run

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JGER155114 E-Line mechanical cutter seven cuts in a single run - Well Intervention - Welltec
  • Well type Oil producer
  • Tubing size 5"
  • Pressure 5 399 psi
  • Temperature 100°C


Drilling an offshore well, an operator had a hardware failure that led to accidentally cementing of more than 500 meters of drill string. To try to recover the well, it was decided to remove the cemented drill string section by section, which required that the drill string had to be cut so that it could be pulled out one stand at a time. Consequently, time was of the essence, and to assure that cutting could be made safe and competently even in places with pipe in compression, the operator reached out to Welltec to get the Well Cutter® technology.

Within 24 hours from the first call, Well Tractors were mobilized to the rig, followed by a Well Cutter. As the drill string was both in compression and stuck in cement it was not possible to pull the drill string in tension, and thus the operator wished to proceed with the Well Cutter, based on its track record and ability to cut in compression.


5” drill pipe with 3,5” minimum ID upset internally meant that the operation was performed with the Well Cutter 3 1/8 with machine arms.

On the 1st run, two cuts were made and the tool was pulled out of the hole to inspect the pad wear. Virtually no pad wear was seen. At the surface, the Welltec engineers could document that two successful cuts had been made, and it was decided to continue the operation, but with more cuts to be made per run.

Accordingly, on the 2nd run, the Well Cutter managed to perform seven cuts in a single run, confirming the crew’s anticipation, resulting in a new world record for the Well Cutter. Followed by this record-run a third run caused additional three successful cuts. A 4th run resulted in another six cuts, succeeded by a 5th run which, however, indicated a low cutter current. On the 6th and final run, the Well Cutter performed another 6 cuts.

Over the course of only five runs, a total of 24 successful cuts were made.


The mechanical cutting was performed in a couple of days and the whole operation was conducted in one week.

No other mechanical cutter would have been able to cut in compression and explosive cutters would have meant one cut per run, as well as additional dressing, runs on drill pipe for fishing, meaning 25 wireline runs and 25 extra dressing runs.

The Well Cutter performed the operation in only 5 e-line runs with a total of 24 successful cuts, resulting in a new world record with seven cuts in a single run.

After the operation, the client was impressed with the tool’s abilities to cut in compression and perform multiple cuts in one run.


Congrats to your cutter. Impressive tool!