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WIV - Welltec® Isolation Valve


The Welltec Isolation Valve (WIV) design, when incorporated to lower completions or liners, enables circulation & wash down or annulus fluid displacement during deployment and provides bi-directional sealing for permanent lower completion or liner isolation upon closure.

To close the WIV, a ball is dropped from surface and circulated down, generating a differential pressure to shift the sleeve and create a permanent bi-directional seal, such that WAB / WLP can be hydraulically expanded. The sleeve is locked in the closed position and can be milled out if required.

  • Challenge
    Zonal isolation
  • Applications
    Ball drop liner isolation, multi zone completions
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Product name: WIV (Welltec Isolation Valve).
Product structure: ball-drop activated, bi-directional seal
Base casing: compatibility with all standard casing material / weight / threads
Metallurgy: 4140 / S13 Cr / 25 Cr / Inc 718 / 925
Primary seal type: o-ring
Standard elastomers & seals: HNBR (160°C) / Aflas (200°C) / FFKM (260°C)
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  • Liner Installation that incorporate WAB / WLP or alternate hydraulically actuated technology
  • Multi-zone one open hole completions
  • Inner string valve for cased and open hole applications
  • Forming the upper and lower seal assemblies for casings, liners or liners


  • High differential pressure rating with bi-directional sealing
  • Low diametrical profile, minimal running OD
  • Full bore ID after mill out
  • Provides safe and cost-effective sealing
  • Corrosion resistant alloy are available for hostile environments
  • No impact on casing tensile, torque specifications
  • Heavy-duty design
  • High circulation rate option while RIH


  • Allows for fluid circulation and high rate wash down / displacement during deployment of lower completion / liner
  • Fully balanced, permanent, bi – directional sealing mechanism


Base pipe size 4 1/2"
Max. burst pressure 10,000 psi
Max. collapse pressure 10,000 psi
Shear pin arrangement Up to 4 pins
Max. OD 5"
Min. ID 1.98"
Flow area 1.49 sq. in
Ball OD 1.50"
ISO14310 Standard V3