Well Tractor® CVT

Continuous Variable Tractoring (CVT)

Taking conveyance one step further

Continuous Variable Tractoring (CVT)

The ultimate conveyance solution from our pioneering Well Tractor® range. The CVT system automatically maximizes speed and power at all times, optimizing every conveyance run, making operations faster and more efficient than ever before.

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Speed, power, evolution

In true Welltec spirit, the new CVT design revolutionizes what’s possible in terms of downhole conveyance.

- First wireline tractor

- First slickline battery tractor

- First coiled tubing tractor

- First CVT design – Continuous Variable Tractoring


Well Tractor CVT represents the next phase in the evolution of our conveyance technology. Now, more than 25 years of conveyance knowledge and experience manifests itself in a new and adaptive system, one which continually utilizes maximum power to deliver optimal speed and force at all times.

CVT is enabled by a whole host of upgrades and new tool features. An integrated system of sensors provides multiple diagnostics and feedback, providing Surface Readout (SRO) data based on measures from each section of the tool, from which the speed/force algorithm can control and respond to downhole requirements.

The new hydraulics and new motor are more powerful than any featured in previous Well Tractor iterations, meaning the toolstring is conveyed to target depth with unparalleled speeds of up to 131 ft/min. Combined with continuous analysis across a broad power band, CVT automatically optimizes every run to eliminate the need for conservative power use, or stopping to change gears or modes.

Each wheel section has its own power unit, creating the effect of multiple downhole tractors in one powerful solution. In the event that one section meets a downhole restriction, the others remain unaffected.

This is the most robust Well Tractor ever made, with the entire solution designed to withstand higher temperatures and pressures than ever before, including enhanced electronics architecture throughout.

Adding to an intervention portfolio already renowned for its ability to help operators save time and cost, while simultaneously reducing operational footprint, Well Tractor CVT maximizes these benefits with industry-leading conveyance.

Well Tractor Hori


  • Clean-out solutions
  • Perforating
  • Milling solution
  • Mechanical solutions
  • Pipe recovery
  • Fishing
  • SAGD ranging
  • Depth determination
  • Seismic measurement


  • Passive fail-safe system
  • Modular
  • Surface read-out compatible
  • Logging while tractoring
  • Universal through wiring
  • NACE compliant


  • Prevents stuck tools
  • High speed vs high force
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Optimal data acquisition
  • OH or CH application
  • Operates on any e-line via DC

Specification range*

Tool OD 2 1/2
Weight in air 156.5 lbs 253.5 lbs
Max. speed 82 ft/min 131 ft/min
Max. pull force 1500 lbs
Max. well pressure 20 kpsi
Max. temperature 266 °F
Tensile strength 60,700 lbs
Compressive strength 42,700 lbs
* Dependent upon configuration