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WDM™ for Barrier Verification

Welltec® Data Monitor


The programmable Welltec Data Monitoring (WDM) solution measures and records pressure and temperature (data) within the liner or casing annulus onto which it is mounted.  The WDM is battery powered with programmable memory, an operates autonomously from surface, recording data 24/7.  Battery life is a function of the BHT, sampling and download frequency.  The recorded data is downloaded using the wireline deployed Welltec Data Reader (WDR™).  The WDM is identified and activated by the wireless telemetry from the WDR and transmits the data quickly through the wall of a single tubular string to the WDR with SRO (surface read-out).

The wireline WDR intervention can be combined with other services such as CBL, PLT, etc.

  • Challenge
    Well construction & integrity
  • Applications
    Annular barrier verification
    Annular P&T during cementing
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Product name: Welltec Data Monitor (WDM)
Product structure: annuls monitoring with thru-casing communication
Base casing: compatibility with all standard casing material / weight / threads
Metallurgy: 4140 / S13 Cr / 25 Cr / Inc 718 / 925
Power source: battery
Lifetime: up to 30 days
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  • Measures annular P&T during circulation or cementing
  • Verification of Barrier and ZI integrity


  • Fast data download
  • Versatile placement
  • Robust mandrel design


  • Mounted on Tubular OD, maintaining full-bore casing
  • No Casing penetration
  • Slim Profile


Base pipe size 9-5/8”
Max. pressure 10,000 psi
Max. temperature 257°F
Pressure resolution 0.08 psi
Pressure accuracy 1 psi
Sample rate 1 point per minute
Memory 5 million data points