Welltec Riser Scanner (WRS) (2)
Welltec Riser Scanner (WRS) (2)

The Welltec® Riser Scanner (WRS)

For subsea riser inspection


The Welltec Riser Scanner (WRS) is based on analyzing response of scanning a surface with a laser.
∙ Data acquisition for detecting very small defects in a surface – even in turbid environments.
∙ Using 8 lasers and cameras, the WRS can inspect the full diameter of a pipe from the inside.
∙ The operation is no more complex than any conventional wireline operation.
∙ The software helps identify abnormalities, so that large amounts of data can be analyzed quickly.



The Welltec Riser Scanner (WRS) provides the oil and gas industry a revolutionary, time-savings method for conducting subsea riser inspection.

This e-line tool provides a very high resolution, ‘touch free’ scan of the riser, overcoming the inherent challenges posed by ultrasonic or multifinger caliper measurements. Simultaneously, running the scan in a vertical position precludes the need to rig down / rig up the riser in order to perform the inspection, saving hours of high cost rig time.

Welltec Riser Scanner (WRS) hori


  • Subsea riser inspection


  • Very high resolution
  • Touch free measurements
  • Accurate depth control
  • Real time output
  • Multi sensor package
  • Universal


  • No scratches / damage
  • Vertical logging saves rig costs
  • Efficient inspection
  • Saves rig time


Tool OD 7 14/16”
Length 15.4 ft
Weight in air 976 lbs
Riser ID range 12” – 14.5”
Max. logging speed 30 ft/min
Logging rate 100 – 120 pps
Scanning depth resolution 0.5 mm
Scanning length resolution 0.5 mm
Azimuth resolution 0.3°
Max. pressure 1,450 psi
Max. temperature 185°F
Tensile strength 42,000 lbs
Compressive strength 50,000 lbs