Well Swivel 00000

Welltec® Swivel


The Welltec® Swivel is a sub that mitigates the torque from the wireline cable to be transferred to the downhole intervention tool allowing continuous tractoring. In addition, it provides live measurement of the tension level of the wireline on the cable head, allowing the operator to manage the risk of over-pull while keeping the wireline in tension during the operation.

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    Managing the risk of wireline cable over-pull
329X185 Swivel 1 85 Min
329X185 Well Swivel 00001 Min
329X185 Swivel 3 85 Min


With the hydraulically compensated Welltec Swivel, the risk of unintentionally wrapping the wireline cable due to torque build up through the toolstring is minimized. An integrated measurement of tension at the cable head is being sent to the surface continuously during an operation, providing live data which allows the operator to optimize downhole intervention tools functionality, such as tractoring speed, weight on bit for milling, etc. As well as allowing to manage the risk of over-pull while keeping the wireline in tension during the operation. The Welltec swivel with head tension integrates fully with Welltec equipment and surface read out and increases safety on the operations it is used in.
Well Swivel Vert 00000
Well Swivel Hori 00000


  • Wireline wrapping prevention
  • Measurement of wireline tension


  • Rugged
  • Reliable
  • Pressure compensated
  • Surface read-out
  • Universal through wiring
  • NACE compliant


  • Safe deployment of toolstrings
  • Accurate wireline tension control
  • Operates on any e-line via DC


Tool OD 2 1/8” 3 1/8”
Length 1.3 ft 2.2 ft
Weight in air 18.7 lbs 24.03 lbs
Max. well pressure 20,000 psi 25,000 psi
Max. well temperature 302° F 347° F
Tensile strength 28,000 lbs 42,000 lbs
Compressive strength 30,000 lbs 50,000 lbs
* Dependent upon configuration