Technology Innovation Award - Best Project 2022

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Technology Innovation Award - Best Project 2022

Technology Innovation Award - Best Project 2022       

Awarded by the Brazilian National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), we’re proud to have received the Technology Innovation Award for Best Project of the Year 2022.

  • Award-winning technology 
  • Advanced Well Architecture (AWA) 

The award recognizes excellence in technology design and development for two of our key completion technologies: the 758 Welltec Flow Valve (WFV) and the Welltec Downhole Actuator (DHA), with notable deployments including collaborations with Petrobras and Shell. 



About Welltec

Welltec® is a global technology company that develops and provides efficient, hi-tech solutions for the energy industry.

The company was founded in 1994 and grew rapidly by supplying innovative robotic technology to oil and gas operators. In 2010, Welltec introduced a new business segment focused on the development of Completion products. Commercialization of these products began in 2014, and the company is now a global leader in the field of metal expandable packer technology. Welltec’s cutting-edge products and services are designed to optimize the performance and integrity of a well, in any environment.

Through advanced engineering and lightweight design, Welltec’s solutions have helped clients increase operational efficiency and reduce carbon footprints in a safe and sustainable way for more than 25 years.