Long-term collaboration with Equinor

Press Release Equinor And Archer


Tommy Eikeland
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Equinor awards Archer led alliance with long-term contract for intervention services

Welltec will deliver conveyance and powered mechanical services exclusively to Gullfaks and Statfjord for at least five years through the alliance agreement.

The agreement with Equinor is for the long-term provision of integrated wireline services to key platforms across the Gullfaks and Statfjord fields, and is set to commence in May this year.  It will run for at least five years with numerous options to extend, creating the potential for more than 10 years of collaboration with Equinor and additional service partners.    

“This award shows a strong belief in the unmatched joint capabilities and technical advantages of Welltec and its alliance partners, Archer and Schlumberger. Together we will prove an unprecedented value offering to Equinor, with each partner bringing best in class technologies to the table with respect to their own field,” said Tommy Eikeland, Welltec Area Vice President for Scandinavian Operations.

“I am confident Welltec and its partners will be able to exceed Equinor’s expectations, and I welcome this award. I have a strong belief that shaping a low carbon future can be achieved through streamlined interventions, competent organizations, best in class technology and strategic partnerships that will bring out the best through close cooperation within the alliance itself and of course, with close cooperation between supplier and operator,” added Eikeland. 

Coverage of the 2 key fields, which will see close to 40 billion NOK in investments over the next 5 years, is exclusive to the Archer-Welltec-Schlumberger alliance, while all conveyance and power mechanical requirements will be provided exclusively by Welltec.

We look forward with great anticipation to continuing our work with Equinor and would like to congratulate all involved on what is set to be a great collaboration, representing a positive start to 2021.

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