Welltec® solutions allow for Straddle to be set across Valve

Water shut-off
MEC.OFF.CAN.15.01.V2 Welltec solutions allow for straddle to be set across valve
  • Straddle packer installation Installation of isolation assembly
  • Ball valve shifting Opening of ball valve


After installing a lower completion offshore, an operator discovered that there might be a problem. Potentially, an open area existed below the upper completion casing shoe, which could allow communication with the lower completion by way of a ported sub. In order to isolate the ported sub and eliminate the possibility of gas moving into the lower completion, a unique isolation assembly was devised of two hydrocarbon swellable packers, with solid tubulars between.

One packer would be installed below the ported sub, and the other, above a formation isolation valve. However, in order to install the isolation assembly, the isolation ball valve needed to be fully opened. Initially, the operator attempted to open the ball using hydraulics. A lead impression block was run to determine if the valve was open, but it wasn’t. Meanwhile, Welltec, who has been providing services to the operator for more than 10 years, was already on standby.


Prior to this operation, equipment had been assembled in St. John’s and an SIT performed with the client and the completion company. Once called into action, the equipment and personnel were mobilized offshore and the Service Delivery Manager went to St. John’s to provide onshore support.

The Well Stroker® and the Well Key® were run into the well to latch and open the malfunctioning ball valve assembly. After two attempts it was determined that the ball valve was obstructed and not able to open 100%. Welltec’s actions, however, had opened it sufficiently to allow the custom fit isolation assembly to pass.

The isolation assembly was deployed on the Well Tractor® with a gauge hanger connected to the isolation solution. Once in place, the gauge hanger was engaged, anchored, and released from the Well Tractor. Over time, the swellable packers would inflate, isolating the ported sub and eliminating the potential leak path.


Prepared for the contingency, Welltec was able to quickly mobilize, open the malfunctioning ball valve and deploy the custom isolation assembly through it to the required setting depth.

Time and costs were reduced on this high day rate, MODU. The operator was also able to save the well from potential recompletion, sidetrack or re-drill, keeping on track with an important first oil production schedule.

We were very impressed with various aspects of the Welltec support, including:
∙∙ Tool capability & reliability.
∙∙ The rightful emphasis on tool QC (maintenance, turnaround procedures etc.) by your support team here.
∙∙ Subject matter expertise from onshore support.
∙∙ Linkage into, & quality of, global technical support.
∙∙ Teamwork during our response effort here.

This was a positive & impressive contribution, that ultimately helped open a malfunctioning valve far enough for us to fit the isolation solution through. Thanks for a job very well done.