Setting upper completion packer on wireline

  • Operating time
    2.4 days vs. 6-10 days for CT
  • Total distance tractored
    32,760 ft
  • Avarage Well Tractor® speed
    55 ft/min


A lower completion was installed in an Angolan well in 2007. The operator returned to complete the well 18 months later, but after running in hole with the upper completion, no annulus seal was obtained from the packer. This could either be due to the packer elements being damaged while running in hole or failure to set it correctly. If the packer had failed to set, an option existed to pressure up through the Hydrostatic Setting Module (HSM) to reset the packer. To achieve this, it was required to set a plug below the HSM, shift open the HSM, pressure up and reset the packer and pull the plug.


The operator chose to perform the operation with mechanical services as they offer a better, faster and cheaper alternative to the heavier, conventional methods. Given the deviation profile of the well, a Well Tractor® 318 XR was required to convey the mechanical intervention toolstring over a long horizontal stretch prior to setting the plug. During the job planning risk analysis, a clear stuck-risk became apparent in the event that the HSM sleeve failed to release the shifting tool.

As contingency planning, a Welltec Release Device® was placed below the Well Stroker®, allowing the option to release on command or timer. The Well Stroker 338 XS was used to successfully set the plug and the prong in the 4.437” nipple. Afterwards, the Well Stroker was used to pull the prong and the plug and for shifting of the HSM.


No heavy lifts required.

Less fuel requirements (operations and transport)

The Welltec® operations were the operator’s first wireline mechanical interventions.

Tools applied

  • Well Tractor®

    The Well Tractor was regarded as a revolution in the industry when it was introduced in the 1990’s. It enables operators to extend the reach of traditional e-line deployment into highly deviated and horizontal wells.

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  • Well Stroker®

    The Well Stroker can push or pull multiple times in the same run irrespective of the depth and deviation. It delivers up to 100,000 lbs of axial force downhole using a bi-directional hydraulic ram.

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  • Welltec Release Device®

    Welltec Release Device (WRD®) is a simple tool which adds versatility and risk reduction to the operation. It provides predetermined locations in the toolstring where it can be parted, should it become stuck.

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