Cleaning and setting straddle

Water shut-off
JNO16.2015 Cleaning and setting straddle - Well Intervention - Welltec
  • Total distance tractored 7,497 ft
  • Max. well depth 9,386 ft
  • Max. deviation 70º
  • Max. temperature 162ºF
  • Max. pressure 300 bar


A client needed a well cleaned in Norway, so the zone below could be perforated and a 50 ft straddle assembly set. The technical solution was chosen due to the Well Cleaner’s capacity to clean in various IDs; in this case 4” and 3.62” in one run.

Furthermore, the Well Stroker’s pushing/pulling force was optimal for ensuring that the seal stack of the straddle assembly was correctly set against the NO-GO.


The operation took four runs:
1st Run: Cleaning the designated area for packer element and sealing stack using a 218 Well Tractor and Well Cleaner configured with a Well Brush*.

2nd Run: Ensuring the seal stack was properly set in real profile/NO-GO with a 318 Well Tractor and 318 Well Stroker.

3rd Run: Conveying a 25 ft 2 7/8” gun with a 318 Well Tractor.

4th Run: Ensuring the seal stack entering completely into the seal bore/NO-GO by using a 318

Well Stroker in conjunction with a 318 Well Tractor; the straddle assembly was pushed downwards with about 15,000 lbs pre-set force.


Performing this operation on wireline saved this operator approx. USD 1.5 million.