Well cleaner® RCB enables toe perforation by clearing lateral obstruction

Unconventional wells
JUSND18182 Well Cleaner Reverse Circulating Bit (RCB) enables toe
  • Well type Producer
  • BHT 260°F @ 11,700 ft
  • BHP 5,100 psi @ 11,700 ft
  • Distance tractored 9,655 ft


January, 2018 in North Dakota; a failed toe sleeve prevented pumping down first stage perforating guns to start frac operations. Well Tractor® attempt to convey perforating guns could not move beyond 11,930 ft in lateral.

Welltec® recommended the Well Cleaner Reverse Circulating Bit (RCB) tool to clean out the lateral. The RCB was already mobilized on site with the Well Tractor, so Welltec was given the opportunity to clean out the lateral.


Both the Well Tractor and RCB were engaged at 11,810 ft. The up-hole monitor signature showed wellbore cleared after 14 minutes.

The RCB was switched to “off” mode, and the Well Tractor restarted in “high speed” mode conveying tool string to 21,645 ft. Not yet to bottom, the RCB was reengaged and ran for 5 minutes until the tool string was within 20 ft of TD. Back to surface, the bailers were 90% full of cement stringers and other well debris.


An injection test proved the RCB cleared enough debris to allow proper toe sleeve operation.
The RCB’s rotating bit and suction system removed the well’s obstructions in one run.

With the lateral cleared, the client was able to pump down the perforating guns and frac the stage. As a wireline intervention, the RCB results in client time and cost savings. Welltec was on site for 23 hours, significantly less time - and money - than that required by a CT unit or workover rig.