Well Cleaner® RCB preps well for Plug & Perf

Unconventional wells
JCA162522 Well Cleaner® RCB preps well for plug and perf
  • Wells prepared in this fashion 60
  • Wellbores have been cleared in one run 98%
  • Well Tractor® running speed 15-20 m/min


An operator’s efficiency is critical in any market conditions, but during periods of low commodity pricing: even more so. In several new, shale wells drilled in Northeast British Columbia, a heavy coiled tubing unit with a large crew was being used for routine operations; running a bit and scraper assembly to the bottom of the well to ensure a clear wellbore before then running again with perforating guns to perform the toe perf.

Subsequent e-line runs would be carried out in collaboration with the frac unit to pump the perforating guns and plugs into position to accomplish simultaneous well fracking operations.

Working with the operator, Welltec® developed an optimized wireline intervention solution to increase overall efficiencies within the well program and prepare for frac jobs. By utilizing a conventional wireline unit along with a Well Tractor® and a Well Cleaner® Reverse Circulating Bit (RCB), a pad of three wells can be prepped in 60 hours. With two smaller crews carrying out 24-hour operations, the desired results are achieved significantly faster and with less equipment.


The initial run was carried out to ensure a clear wellbore and enable slick deployment of the forthcoming perforation services. The toolstring was conveyed via Well Tractor which also provided weight-on-bit and anti-rotation. Clean-out of the wellbore was performed using a Well Cleaner (RCB), utilizing a custom bit to mill debris while creating a draw down force, and simultaneously collect the debris within the tool’s integrated bailer sections.

The RCB configuration facilitated a single-run clearance to target depth and use of this e-line technology requires no additional fluids, pumps, heating, or supplementary onsite services.

On the second run the Well Tractor conveyed four perforating guns and a plug, running at speeds of 15-20 meters per minute. Utilizing select-fire technology, the perforating guns were deployed to their various required depths, before being selectively fired across specific intervals.


Since the first deployment for this client in 2015, Welltec has generated a number of efficiencies:

- Highly efficient and successful operation – faster deployment
- More than 60 wells prepared in this fashion
- Speeding up operations via e-line technology
- Free up client resources for simultaneous operations