Welltec® safely cleans and pulls bridge plug offshore Canada

JCA19593 Welltec® safely cleans and pulls bridge plug
  • Well type Water injector
  • Max. deviation 55°
  • Deviation at plug in tailpipe 30°


In early 2019, after extended operations in a subsea well offshore Canada, a client encountered debris on top of a deep-set bridge plug that had been set in the tailpipe of the old completion.

The client made multiple slickline bailer runs and plug retrieval runs, yet failed to retrieve the plug as debris still prevented the equalization of pressure. Slickline could not apply enough force to shear the plug free as this would mean having to overcome the fluid column hydrostatics on top of the plug.

The client knew that a Well Stroker® was in the country and enquired about mobilizing for ready-on-arrival operations. The Well Stroker can apply constant high force for extended periods, making it capable of releasing the plug and equalizing above and below the plug.


With the client having established that slickline could not deliver the required force for the operation, Welltec mobilized several tools to the jobsite, including a Well Tractor®, Well Stroker, and Well Cleaner® Reverse Circulating Bit (RCB).

The RCB removed tar-like debris from on top of and above the plug, recovering approximately nine liters of material. On the next run, the Well Stroker pulled and held the plug while equalizing. On the way out of the hole, the plug became stuck at the perforated pup joint. Welltec activated the Well Stroker two more times to slide the plug through the restriction and successfully bring the plug out of hole.


The e-line solution with the Well Stroker succeeded where traditional solutions had failed. The straight pull and high force applied from the Well Stroker was able to hold the plug and equalize pressure over the plug’s sealing element.

The Well Stroker pulled the plug safely and successfully, saving rig time, preventing the need for mobilizing jointed pipe, and keeping to the original plan of pulling the plug instead of moving to a less desirable option like perforation.

This job was much faster, safer, and more efficient than comparable solutions using coiled tubing or jointed pipe.

The client was very satisfied with Welltec’s solution and has committed to using the Well Stroker as a contingency for future re-completions.