High temperature logging with DC Well Tractor®

Hostile environment
JUSLA13135 High temperature logging with Well Tractor
  • Max. deviation 94.20°
  • Max. temperature 335°F (168°C)
  • Total distance tractored 2,868 ft


An operator needed to perform a casing inspection log for scale build-up across the perforations of a high temperature, cased hole, horizontal well, in the Haynesville Shale. Having heard of our e-line deployed conveyance solution being used in similar and higher temperatures than this case of 335°F (168°C).


For this job Welltec® proposed to run a Well Tractor with the new, high temperature DC electronics. Prior to the job it was successfully tested at surface in combination with the e-line provider’s equipment and cable. A temperature strip was inserted into the electronics’ housing to record the maximum temperature reached in the well.

The toolstring was run in hole with the Well Tractor and logging tool to the kick-off point at about 11,581 ft (3,530 m), at which point the operator began pumping well fluid at approximately one bpm to help keep the temperature within limits. The Well Tractor was engaged and conveyed the toolstring ~1,000 ft (~300 m) further before activating the ultrasonic tool for the caliper and bond information required around the perforations.


This job was the first operational run of the newly designed, high temperature DC electronics for the Well Tractor. The operator was able to meet his objective and acquire data across the perforations to gain a better understanding of the downhole conditions and the scale buildup levels.

Well Tractor and DC electronics handled the high temperatures with no complications, proving its applicability to extreme environments.