Conveyance production logging in highly deviated wells

Hostile environment
Conveyance production logging in highly deviated wells - Well Intervention - Welltec
  • Well type Producer
  • Max. deviation 88.77° @12,736 ft (3,882m)
  • Pressure 1,976 psi @12,736 ft (3,882m)
  • Temperature 244°F @12,736 ft (118°C @ 3,882m)
  • Well fluid density 13 API
  • H2S concentration 2.25%
  • CO2 concentration 2.45%


An operator needed to study the production profiles of a field located in the marine region of the Gulf of Mexico. This field has wells that are highly deviated, which prevents conventional Production Logging Tools (PLT’s) from running to Total Depth (TD) via gravity.

It was important to the operator to reduce the intervention time as much as possible, which made Welltec’s e-line conveyance solution a better option over Coiled Tubing (CT).

Welltec Mexico has accomplished a successful track record of conveying PLT’s in highly deviated wells and in hostile environments, which made Welltec® the provider of choice. In these wells, high concentrations of H2S and CO2 are standard factors to overcome.


The well information was carefully studied by Welltec’s team during the prejob planning process. Based on the well characteristics, the Well Tractor® 318 was configured to optimize its performance through the entire section. The Well Tractor successfully conveyed the PLT for 8,868 ft (2,703m).


Due to Welltec’s short rig up and rig down times, the operator reduced the intervention time significantly. Also adding to an effective operation was the fact that Welltec needed to mobilize less equipment and fewer personnel compared to CT.

The operation provided better PLT measurements because the well flow rate was not as reduced from the use of e-line as compared to CT.