Fishing junk basket and retrieving Bridge Plug

MEC.WS.OFF.ABZ.13.01.V1 Fishing junk basket and retrieving bridge plug - Well Intervention - Welltec
  • Well type Oil producer
  • Pressure Below 1,600 psi (830 bar)
  • Temperature 72°F


Nexen Petroleum UK Ltd. was carrying out the completion of the Buzzard Well B-34y, offshore UK. The plan was to run the lower completion, which was made up of Baker Stand-Alone Screens (SAS) and a Baker Fluid Loss Control Valve (FLCV).

Welltec® was originally called out to enable the installation of a 4 1/2” petrowell bridge plug to facilitate packer setting and protect the FLCV from prematurely shearing. Retrieval of the junk catcher and the plug following the setting of the packer was planned to be carried out using slickline.


The plug was successfully conveyed to depth using a Well Tractor® and then set using a Baker setting tool run below. After the production packer was set, a slickline run, comprising a Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) dummy string and roller bogies to take the BHA to depth, was run in hole. It soon became apparent that the operation could not be completed successfully using the slickline.

Welltec was asked to run the Well Stroker® and Well Tractor together with the slickline retrieval assemblies to fish the junk basket in the first run and the bridge plug on the second run.


The clean-out intervention was completed in 34 days of daylight operations and provided confirmation of the total amounts of sand recovered to surface.

The Well Cleaner® Power Suction Tool proved to be an efficient alternative to a conventional coiled tubing unit for this operator who applied the solution for the first time.

HSE risks were reduced by applying e-line compared to heavier intervention methods like coiled tubing; less and lighter equipment was involved, fewer lifts were required and mobilization was done considerably faster with Welltec’s solution.

Completions and Interventions team leader for Nexen Petroleum UK Ltd. Alastair Skelly

We were all delighted with the success of pulling the catcher and plug on B-34y completion at the weekend.