Well Stroker® performs 100,000 pound Fishing operation on E-line

JQA18000 Well Stroker® performs 100,000 pound fishing operation on E-line
  • Well type Oil producer
  • Max. temperature 160°F
  • Bottom-hole pressure 2,600 psi
  • Max. deviation 87°


A client in Doha with an extended reach oil producer capable of producing up to 4,368 BOPD with a 36% water cut (2,815 BOPD) has had no production from the well since December 2017. The well had to be shut down when a slickline toolstring latched to the top of a third-party plug set at 160 ft MDRT became stuck during a planned intervention operation.

The client initially considered traditional options to fish the stuck toolstring, including Coiled Tubing (CT) and a workover rig. Both options are costly, and CT would have been complicated because of platform size and space restrictions.

The client was also aware of the Well Stroker’s fishing capabilities and called Welltec® to discuss options and check the feasibility of the operation. Welltec proposed the 312 Well Stroker because of its ability to apply up to 100,000 lbs of pull on the fish and adjust its pull force based on surface readout.


System Integration Test
Welltec performed a System Integration Test (SIT) to determine the effect of the Well Stroker’s pull on the toolstring and if the high force from the Well Stroker would break the fishing neck or release the plug from it.

For the SIT, the exact same fish components, including the plug, were set up in a horizontal tubing. During the test, the Well Stroker stroked upwards six times, up to 100,000 lbs, releasing the slickline toolstring from the plug’s fishing neck. The ring of the fishing neck sheared from the third-party plug.

Job execution
Welltec mobilized equipment and personnel offshore after extensive pre-job planning with the client. The third-party overshot was installed on the fish using slickline. The Well Stroker was then rigged up on e-line, run in hole, and latched onto the overshot. After only two strokes up to 100,000 lbs, the fish released from the plug. Similar to the SIT, the fish released cleanly from the fishing neck of the plug.


The Well Stroker performed a successful fishing operation, recovering the stuck toolstring in one run. The tool accomplished it without breaking the fishing neck by applying the pull force incrementally in stages.

The simplicity of an e-line operation saved the client time and cost. CT or a workover rig would have required substantially longer lead and operational times and been significantly more expensive. The Well Stroker operation on e-line took one week from mobilization to demobilization, whereas a CT fishing operation would have taken one month and a workover rig would have taken two months. The time saved also resulted in indirect cost savings for the client since the well would have remained offline longer for either of the other two operations.

This was the first time an e-line operation has performed a successful 100,000-pound fishing operation. The client was duly impressed and satisfied with the outcome.