Welltec® recovers a wire spear stuck

JNG162142 Welltec recovers a wire spear stuck
  • Well type Gas producer, cased hole
  • Max. deviation 44°
  • Fishing depth 9,183 ft (2,799m)
  • Deviation 38°
  • Pressure 5,155 psi (355 bar)
  • Temperature 165°F (74°C)


During a routine slickline operation onshore, the wire was cut by the TRSSSV after control line pressure had been lost while POOH, after having set memory gauges at 11,520 ft. 5,148 ft of slickline, and an 1-7/8” toolstring c/w C-1 running tool were dropped and lost in hole.

Initial attempts to fish the 0.125” slickline on 7/32” braided line resulted in little progress being made as the slickline wire was breaking and coming back in short lengths. Heavy duty fishing equipment with 5/16” braided line was rigged up, but after >12 weeks in total the fishing operation was suspended, after an 1-1/2” wireline spear became stuck in hole at 9,183 ft buried into the slickline wire, and could not be recovered.

Coil tubing was mobilized and attempts were made to fish the stuck spear firing jars at 10,000 lbs, and applying straight pulls of up to 14,000 lbs with no success.


Applying the Well Stroker® would ensure that the necessary forces could be applied down hole to free the wire spear. As well, two Welltec Release Devices® (WRDs) were combined in the toolstring, one below the Well Stroker and one below the cable head. These addressable devices would allow further contingencies to mitigate risk and increase safety.

An EV camera was ran to check the condition of the fish, the camera produced clear images and condition of the fish was confirmed to be good, with no loose wire at or above the wire spear’s fish neck. A 2-1/2” SB pulling tool was deployed on the Well Stroker and successfully latched the 1-7/8” dummy rope socket on the wire spear at 9,183 ft, activated the Well Stroker in stroke up and freed the fish, dragged fish up hole to 9,174 ft where it became stuck again.

The Well Stroker was activated again in stroke up and freed fish again dragging it up hole, this process of freeing the fish had to repeated again at 9,162 ft and 9,159 ft where after the fish was free to be pulled out of hole.


The 1-1/2” wire spear was successfully recovered to surface with a ball of 0.125” slickline entangled in and hanging below the spear in one run with the Well Tractor 218 and Well Stroker 218.

The operator was delighted to get the fishing operation back on track, avoiding a workover rig which typically would have been the alternative option after attempts with CT prove unsuccessful.

Despite braided line and also coiled tubing being unable to free the wire spear, stuck entangled in the slickline, the spear was successfully fished in just two runs by Welltec. First run assessed the fish, second run freed and retrieved the fish.