Well Stroker XXS replaces coiled tubing and saves 5 days

JBAK15077 Well Stroker XXS replaces coiled tubing and saves 5 days
  • Max. temperature 104°F (40°C)
  • Well fluid Base oil (0.8 SG)
  • Pressure 2,000 psi
  • Max. deviation 46°


Costs were already running away during an operation offshore Azerbaijan when a setting tool got stuck, preventing the operator from putting the well on production. The planned operation had been to set a 7” retrievable packer on e-line when it got stuck at 6,486 ft (1,977 m).

A fishing attempt was performed with slickline, which successfully latched onto the setting tool, but the jars were not able to provide the required force to release the fish. During this process, slickline also got stuck in the well. Braided line was then released from the stuck slickline toolstring.


Now the operator considered coiled tubing (CT), which would be able to deliver the required force but would also add complexity and costs to the operation. Interested in returning the well to production as soon as possible the operator approached Welltec® for an e-line solution. Recent developments enabled the mechanical Well Stroker® XXS to provide 60,000 lbs of force, sufficient for the fishing operation.

During the first run, a Well Tractor® was used to convey the Well Stroker, which applied 55,000 lbs of force, successfully releasing the shear ring of the stuck setting tool. A second run was then performed to retrieve the entire fish (the setting tool and slickline toolstring). Finally, the operation was completed by setting the packer.


By performing the operation on e-line with Welltec’s solution offering the operator saved a minimum of five days rig time. Additionally, not using the full CT package with all the associated costs, time, heavy lifts and emissions netted the customer cost savings of ~ $2 million.

The power, control and accuracy provided by the Well Stroker XXS was in fact able to perform the same work as much larger methods, delivering significant HSE benefits, operational efficiency and cost savings.

James Stewart, Well Site Leader

Great job, tools performed as advertised with successful outcome.