Well Cutter® assists removal of Packer

Downhole hardware
MEC.OFF.RU.12.03.V1 Well Cutter® assists removal of Packer
  • Well temperature 140°F (60°C)
  • Fluid type KCI


After providing the perfect cut on a 4½” 12.6 #/ft tubular earlier this year, the Well Cutter was requested again for offshore Russia work. This time the client needed to cut a super 13Cr mandrel of a 9 5/8” x 4 1/2” packer with a wall thickness of 0.3595” in order to retrieve an intelligent completion. The thickness was approximately 25% thicker than the tubing the Well Cutter cut through the last time.


The operation went flawlessly. The Well Cutter was able to produce another perfect cut at 44.50° inclination in about four hours. After the Well Cutter was pulled out of hole, the client was able to pick up on the tubing hanger and observe that the 9 5/8” packer was free.


The operation was performed with easy correlation and setting into the AF nipple with an optimal ‘no-go’ technique. No physical indication was seen on surface of release, which was confirmed first by surface read out and second after pulling the completion, which was enabled by the clean cut.

Client quote

“Excellent performance and a perfect cut in the packer mandrel target area, spot on. This was our objective and the main reason we use the Well Cutter whenever possible to cut mandrels or tubing.

The Well Cutter cuts an excellent shaped fishing neck, eliminating extra BHA dressing trips on stubs and leaves a clear gauge path if re-access into the tubing bore is needed.

In addition, I would like to highlight the technical resourcefulness of Welltec®, coming up ‘ad hoc’ with perfect depth control on this job, tailor-making an integrated, fluted centralizer with a recess to land in the ‘no-go’ AF nipple and a Welltec GR/CCL, ensuring positive mechanical depth control with a secondary, CCL contingency.

Piltun CWI are very pleased with Welltec services and solutions in 2012. Again a BIG THANK YOU for a splendid job.” Said Bernard Renker, Snr. Completions & Well Interventions Engineer Piltun, Sakhalin Energy, after completion of the cut.

Excellent performance and a perfect cut in the packer mandrel target area, spot on.