Reliable and controlled changeout of an inverted GLV on e-line

Downhole hardware
HERO 1712 X 963 JUSGD202207 Reliable And Controlled Changeout Of An Inverted GLV On E Line
  • Depth 3,800 ft (water depth)
  • Pressure 6,000 psi
  • Temperature 38°C / 100°F
  • Deviation 45°


An operator in the Gulf of Mexico discovered an integrity issue with a well in 3,800 ft water depth. The well’s 3-1/2” completion included dual side pocket mandrels. Each mandrel contained one inverted pocket.

The operator suspected that the well integrity issue was occurring at one of the side pocket mandrels. It was impossible for slickline to perform a pull-and-set operation of the valve in the inverted pocket.

The operator needed a reliable method for changing out the inverted valve.


Welltec® proposed using the Well Stroker® 218 Surface Readout (SRO 2.0). The SRO 2.0 is capable of controlling stroke force and measuring stroke distance throughout the different stages of the pull-and-set operation. Prior to mobilizing, Welltec performed a systems integration test (SIT) with the operator. The SIT confirmed that surface control of the tool would be essential to the operation’s success.

After the successful SIT, Welltec mobilized to the wellsite in the Gulf. The tools were run in hole for the first run. The first run confirmed the integrity issue with an inverted valve. The valve was then successfully replaced and set on the second run.


This operation was a world’s first for changing out an inverted valve on wireline. The Well Stroker SRO proved essential to the success of the operational steps. Welltec successfully met the operator’s needs by carrying out a reliable and efficient intervention with no HSE or NPT events.

This operation confirms this e-line solution for future wells with similar integrity issues with these inverted valves.