Removal and replacement of GLV in single run

Downhole hardware
JUSAK111881 Removal and replacement of GLV in single run - Well Intervention - Welltec


A client in Alaska required the ability to replace gas lift valves in their completion for improved oil production. Conventional methods had reached their limits. Slickline was unable to overcome the higher deviations while coiled tubing was either not available or extremely costly in this remote area.

Based on previous, positive experiences with Welltec’s innovative, cost effective solutions, the customer contacted our local representative for assistance in solving this dilemma.


Welltec® provided the solution in the way of a newly modified Kick-Over Tool (KOT). Run in tandem, two KOT’s in combination with the Well Tractor® and the Well Stroker® pulled the existing Gas Lift Valve (GLV) and replaced it in a single run.

The Well Tractor conveyed the toolstring to the correct depth where the Well Stroker and first KOT provided the pulling force for removal. Then the Well Stroker and second KOT successfully installed the new GLV into the mandrel. The KOT has been recently improved to operate more reliably in deviated and horizontal wells.


With Welltec’s solutions in mind, the customer is now enabled to improve their well design; overcoming limitations imposed by previous, conventional means such as slickline and coiled tubing. This allows them to place gas lift valves in the best possible position for increased oil recovery from their reservoirs.