New Well Key Solution Shifts Sleeve with No Shifting Profile in Norway

Downhole hardware
JNO213711 Double Hybrid Unlocks New Opportunity
  • Well Type oil producer
  • Depth 11,483 ft MD (3500 m)
  • Distance tractored 1476 ft (450 m)
  • Max. deviation 87.2˚
  • Temperature 212˚F (100˚C)
  • Pressure 5656 psi (390 bar)


A specific type of sliding sleeve is used widely across an operator’s field in Norway. These sleeves are designed to be shifted with coiled tubing (CT). However, CT operations are increasingly costly and lengthy while presenting higher HSE risk than lighter intervention methods. Additionally, the lack of surface readout leads to issues with reliability during CT operations.

The operator decided to pursue an e-line solution to shift the sleeves. However, the sleeve design posed a unique challenge to traditional slickline/e-line shifting methods, because the sleeves lack a shifting profile and have high shear pin values.
The client knew Welltec® to be agile and innovative. Welltec was asked to work with the sleeve manufacturer to develop an e-line solution.


Welltec innovated on the hybrid Well Key® to address this challenge and meet the client’s needs. The double hybrid Well Key was developed using double anchor sections and specialized anchors to increase gripping force. A new crossover was designed to connect to the sleeve-locating tool at the bottom of the Well Key. After developing the tool, Welltec conducted a systems integration test to qualify the solution.

In April 2022, Welltec mobilized the solution to the well. The Well Key was paired with a Well Tractor® for conveyance through high deviations and laterals. During the job, two sleeves needed to be opened in two different runs with stimulation between. A casing collar locator log and tension profile helped confirmed the position of the sleeves. The two sleeves were successfully shifted.


Following the operation, the well became the best producer of the field. The operation was a success, and the client was pleased with the new solution. The client is now working to further integrate the solution into their operational process to allow Welltec to shift sleeves on a regular basis.

This innovative Well Key solution offers operators a new method to shift downhole sleeves at twice the force available on CT in a controlled manner with real-time feedback. Additionally, this operation was one week faster than CT, and the lighter e-line intervention requires a much smaller operational footprint.